Donnerstag, Dezember 08, 2016

Telefonsex Audition

Mich bei einer der bestbezahlten Phonesex Seiten in England beworben. 2 Stunden später dann diese Mail:

Dear Sandra 
Great news! We are pleased to advise, that you have been shortlisted to take part in an automated audio audition over the telephone in order to gauge your suitability to the advertised position. Well done!

Please read the following information carefully.

The telephone call should last no longer than 5 minutes. You will be asked to answer up to 10 pre-recorded questions, based on what a real customer might ask. The service is completely automated and at no time will you be interacting with a real customer or a member of staff. However, we will review the recording afterwards.

You are given 30 seconds to answer each of the ten random questions, following which a copy will be submitted for review. 

Important Information
RULE NUMBER ONE – Be Fun, Sexy and Confident! This is a service industry – you need to sound happy and horny!!!
  • It is important to only start the audition when you are alone, in a quiet environment and without distraction.
  • Use the same home landline and environment you would be using if you are successful. We do not allow the use of mobile phones.
  • Do not give short, basis answers. Try to elaborate on your response, be sexual and talk. Do not turn the question back on the customer.
  • Relax and get yourself into character and enjoy! It’s important to portray the same style as you would if you were really doing the job.
  • Some questions may be very sexual in nature and contain some graphic language. Please do not proceed beyond this point if that is likely to offend.
  • Don’t panic. If you flunk an answer just move onto the next question.
  • Please do not put on phoney / American / Porn Star accents! You’ll get rejected! Talk in your normal voice, Remember, the idea is to turn the customer on!
  • Do not hang up the phone after the audition until you are prompted to do so, as this will stop your audition from being submitted to us.

Remember, just relax and enjoy the audition. Be as creative, flirty and sexy as you want! It’s your audition. Try not to laugh or get embarrassed! No one is listening while you are doing the audition.

When you are ready please call our PSO Audition line on:

(hier folgen Nummer und Code)

 .................................................................Fortsetzung folgt ............... 

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